The model, or Operating System is quite simple to use. In our experience we have found it is best implemented through a process modelled on the 3 phases of Otto Scharmer’s U-theory:



  1. First phase – Sensing

This phase involves exploring past and present activities through the prism of this model, identifying

  1. what you already do that resonates with the dynamics of regeneration – and therefore needs to be continued or even amplified;
  2. what you do that goes against these principles of regeneration – and therefore needs to be transformed.

Concretely, in this first phase, you could for instance go on learning journeys to explore what others are doing that can be a source of inspiration for you (Principle 5 in action!).


  1. Phase two: Presencing

This phase is about collectively feeling the impact you want to make and starting to bring the future into the present.

  1. Step back and collectively agree on what can no longer continue into the future, what must be let go of (Principle 1 in action);
  2. create a secure container in which to start producing innovative solutions for the future, to address the problems identified in step 1, in a way that is aligned with all 6 principles.


  1. Third phase Realizing

Start implementing through several iterations, building learning loops at every step to help you monitor and adjust, and ensure that those regenerative principles are both being embodied, and producing their desired effects


Nature and open source: Learning together


The model is a work-in-progress, which we have tested and adapted through enough iterations to warrant sharing it as a beta model. We are sharing it publicly in the hope that it can be tested more widely and that together we can learn to regenerate organisations (and thus their ecosystems, and thus the planet). When using it, please give us feedback, or come back to us with your questions and comments, and, once you’ve tested it, let us know what impact it had on you, and what you’ve learnt!