Our New Blog is On Line!

We have been working on our blog for a few months now. Yes, it took us a while but now we hope things will go faster. The aim of the blog is to start a dialogue, with the people who follow us, with whom we are making projects, or people and organizations who are interested in our activities, on our topics of intervention, but not only; in this space, we want to feel free to go even off-topic.


How will the blog work? The basic principle is that prototyping: it will adapt, over time, to the feedback we will have and it will change according to what interests you the most and will provoke more reactions on social media.


Our idea is to have some monthly columns:


1. Articles written by others- we will propose an article that has impressed us, that we want to discuss with you because the theme has particularly struck us.


2. Book that impressed us - we read a lot and we will do a little review of books we read and tell you why we particularly liked them (or not -:).


3. Tools -  we will provide different tools, both those we have picked up from other people and those we have created, but also tools that we have just found and that we think may be interesting. You will see that they will be simple and easy to use, designed both to be used without necessarily having to delve into the underlying theories


4. Biases - in connection with the INSIDIAE project, the game that makes behavioral economics fun, which we are launching together with our partner BB7, we will tell you every week (we hope) about one of the biases on which the game is based... and nothing will ever be the same again!


5. Our news - what we are working on, what we are passionate about, what we have written or are writing and that we had previously shared online, what we would like to write, our research projects. It will be a kind of Musings of our productions.


The blog articles will be linked to our social media, mainly on Linkedin but also on Facebook and Instagram. We invite you to follow our pages to stay informed and to interact, comment, disagree, offer alternative perspectives, expand, and just play with what we publish!