Principle #5: Increase your interactions with people, organisations, experiences that are life-giving in your environment.

Life, following principle #4, has begun to blossom, and from an individual and/or collective point of view you have moved from the prevalence of control, to trust in the process. Now is the time to connect with those people, organisations, or more generally experiences around you that can boost and nurture vitality.

It is the beginning of a virtuous cycle, energy attracts more energy, creativity attracts more creativity, motivation attracts more motivation. Interaction with vital people and organisations leads to accepting and welcoming more life, generating a sense of trust that pushes you out of your individual and organisational comfort zone.


Concrete examples of the application of this principle can be:


  • Be particularly careful to encourage breaks from routine and habits built up over time by seeking out and meeting new people, whether in similar businesses/roles or completely different ones.
  • Having divergent learning experiences in teams (e.g. visiting exhibitions, visiting unusual places, setting up a reading circle…).
  • Spend time in Nature, for example in a forest, with a guide, to get examples of how life blossoms there without a ‘gardener’;
  • Open your offices (not just the reception) to artists, becoming a temporary art gallery for them;
  • Collaborate with and sponsor start-ups;
  • Revisiting the whole supply chain to bring in diverse and life-giving suppliers – indeed, involving them in the creation of a ‘life-giving supply chain’ capable of building symbiotic relationships between its members and with surrounding ecosystems.