They can include a guest speaker/business lunch format as well as long-term accompaniment of the global regeneration of your organisation, as well as any other modality between these two poles. The important thing for us is to find with you the right format to fit both your needs and the type of impact you want to generate.

Your key building-blocks

Leadership development

We help you prepare for the future, and develop the leadership your organisation needs at the beginning of the 21st century: women and men capable of seeing reality differently, of inventing new answers, of federating all the resources to bring about something new.

Strategic realignment

Your past successes have made you famous and prosperous, but the future is waiting for something else from you. Nexus helps you to regenerate your strategy, so that everyone in your organisation will be eager to follow it, because they will feel co-authors of it.

Governance and functioning

We have 15 years of experience in helping organisations move towards greater flexibility, agility, subsidiarity and accountability, long before the “liberated leadership” or “reinventing organisations”. Rather than copying and pasting ready-made solutions, we help you identify your needs and develop innovative approaches to governance and functioning.

Your key resources

Regenerating individuals and teams

Regenerating individuals and teams
By adapting them to your reality and your needs, Nexus helps you to put the 5 principles of Regeneration into practice, both at individual and team level:
1) Increase interactions with life-giving people, organizations and experiences; 2) Encourage life where it is asking to flourish; 3) Reduce attacks on life; 4) Help what needs to die… to die and compost; 5) Divest from life-draining processes

Inclusion & Diversity

The regeneration of your organisation often requires a better inclusion of the diversity present among your employees. Beyond awareness raising workshops, managerial training on unconscious bias and diversity management, we also know how to implement broader projects of global organisational transformation on this theme, thanks to our Nexus approach to I&D.

Women in Leadership

Increasing gender diversity at all levels requires not only transforming leadership models that exclude women, but also helping women to find their place in this transitional phase. In response to these needs, Nexus offers specific coaching for women, where they can explore different ways of taking their leadership, choose the ones that suit them best and implement them back in their role.

Your key impacts

From a Purposeful to a Regenerative organisation

What is the impact of your activities on your employees? On your supply chain? And on natural ecosystems? Are they strengthened by their interactions with your organisation, or are they depleted? Nexus accompanies your transformation towards a regenerative organisation, which strengthens its employees, its supply chain, and enriches the natural ecosystems on which all its activities have an impact.

Regenerative Business model

At Nexus, we have adapted the Business Model Canvas © to incorporate dimensions that are essential for 21st century organisations: clarifying its Purpose, which must be at the centre of the business model; and exploring its impacts, both positive and negative. Thanks to this new tool that we have developed, we can help you use your business model as a lever for innovation and regeneration.

Start-up team package

Nexus fosters the success of start-ups with an all-inclusive package (duration, sequences, costs, funding) that focuses on 2 dimensions: the business model and team dynamics. To do this, we use Nexus’ classic tools: the regenerative business model, individual coaching and team coaching. For more information, please contact us on


We regularly run training workshops in France and the rest of Europe, and have also developed online training courses. Click to discover them!

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