Your situation

  • You would like to innovate, bring about something new, you have the intuition that you should be going about it in a different way but you are not quite sure how?
  • Part of your team/organisation feels the need to evolve, but others are blocking and refusing to move?
  • You would like to get out of your familiar logic, of the classic “we’ve always done it this way”, to reinvent and regenerate yourselves as a team/organisation?
  • You sense potential for growth left unaddressed, both in terms of capacity in your workforce and of potential new products/markets, but the way you are currently functionning prevents you from fully engaging with these opportunities?
  • You have already tried to address these issues but the solutions you have tried did not (or no longer) work, and you can feel that you have reached your own limits?

At Nexus, we have made these situations our speciality.


Our added value

We are pionneers in the craft of human facilitation, with the aim of helping you:

  1. Listen to one another, and speak to one another, differently, get out of your usual conversations in order to tap into your collective intelligence
  2. Think together differently, get out of your mental models in order to imagine alternative possibilities
  3. Commit together differently, get out of what blocks you and move forward knowing why, how, and what everyone will contribute
  4. Act together differently, implement a desirable future in which everyone can find the motiviation for continued commitment

Our approach

Nexus means “making links“. Within each of us, between our ideas, our feelings, our aspirations, and the meaning that we want to give to our actions. And between people: their skills, their differences, their complementarities, the challenges they face in their role, etc.

Our various facilitation and consulting methodologies, geared to meet each of our clients’ needs specifically, also make links, to enable the meeting of theory with playfulness, of experiencial with conceptual, of tools with meaning, of humour with seriousness, of heart with mind.